Anyone cycling on Christmas day?


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There are one or two threads regarding food and drink on Christmas day, but I was wondering if anyone is planning to get on their bike on Christmas day to counteract the indulgence? Not just a blast round the block on something Santa dropped off, but a good few miles of a ride.

I might chuck a bike into the back of the car since I am going to my brothers place near Loch Lomond. Could even drag a nephew or two along for a ride since there are some nice routes around there. However they are teenagers so might be too engrossed in all things electronic :rolleyes:.

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I might well do a quick 20 mile local loop in the late morning.

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I like to ride on Christmas day and on New Years Day, weather permitting. I won't be going out if it's howling it down with rain and blowing a hooley though.
Christmas Dinner for us is cheese and pickle butties for lunch and maybe bangers and mash for tea. Never been a fan of turkey and there is only the 2 of us.


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I'm planning on a quick 20 miler first thing, the same as last year & then go & eat my own body weight in turkey!!


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My bike will be 80 miles away from me, so rather difficult. To be fair, if the weather stays as it is, cant see me doing much cycling by end of year.
I've got this year off from the kitchen, so will it be a cycle or enjoy my Christmas present to myself, Bombay Sapphire + Fever Tree Tonic.
Hmm, now let me ponder that one.

I like to get a New Years Day cycle in. Start the year as I mean to go on.
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