Anyone else smelt their own?



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North Yorkshire
Smelting your own is so last year, I grow my own!

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On 3 Wheels
When I need a new bicycle I mine my own iron ore; smelt it in my home-made blast furnace; roll and prepare my own-recipe super light tubing; tap my rubber trees and whip up a few tyres and inner tubes; extrude spokes in a spike gizmo I whittled from an old chair; knit some close weave tight pants; trap and skin a rabbit for a useful winter cap.
I take a brief rest in the afternoon, sip at a testosterone slurpy, and gaze at my amazing self in the wall length mirror.
Must dash. I'm due to give my next door neighbour open heart surgery at elevenish.
Anyone else brilliant at everything?
You shouldn't roll super light tubing. It should be drawn, seamless as the night sky.
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