Anyone here use a bubble balancer?


Tried them on my 4x4 and they were ok for a while but you really need to use a dried air supply or else they get damp and start clumping which becomes worse than not having any balancing (don't ask me how I know).
Just recently had them all cleaned out and balanced normally and smooth happiness has returned.
I have also swapped tyres around by hand with tyre levers on the Landrover, worked up quite a sweat doing a set of 5!

Not heard that, the balls are tiny so getting damp would be a problem..

Motorcycle tyres are a bit easier :laugh:, they do work well on bikes But bike tyres are usually done in 1500-5000 miles depending on compound.


Back in the day we use to balance wheels / tyres in situ on the car .
Gave a better result than using a balance machine but it was a tricky operation
Never heard of a bubble balancer

Likewise. One placed I worked at had an on car balancer, iirc it looked a little like K9 from Dr Who. You sat on it, jacked the car up, pushed the spinny thing up to the wheel then whacked it on. People swore by it, reckoned it took into account the whole hub etc, not just the wheel and tyre.

Remember 'Series' Land-Rovers being a flaming nightmare, most left with about 8 tonnes of lead on each wheel.

Incidentally, if you're struggling with balancing these days it's possibly worth changing the tyres in case they're the problem. Even if you just borrowed some from another car or a couple of cheap part women's just to see.
Have you had it done twice at the same tyre place? Could be worth trying a different company.
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