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England : London Anyone recommend bromley / beckenham club (se london)

Discussion in 'Cycling Clubs' started by eddieandrews, 6 Jul 2017.

  1. maroon

    maroon Well-Known Member

    I think I spotted them congregating at the Mot centre on green street green the other morning are the kits white/blue jerseys???
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  2. Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Yep that's us. Sunday has four groups going out, I think Saturday has one too.

    Time trials, weekends away, turbo training, Kentish Killer, etc etc.

  3. maroon

    maroon Well-Known Member

    I'd love to join but need to do bit more stamina work as I think I'd be stuck at the back
  4. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills Guru

    sounds wonderful - I'm all for informal inclusive outfits - used to lead lots of rides for a local lcc group and the mix of regulars, intermittent regulars and curious new folks was one of the rewarding joys of it - came across someone recently who enjoyed many a ride under this informal non regime who now appears to run rides "by invitation only". squashed ego t***.

    I'm quite local so may pop along.
  5. maroon

    maroon Well-Known Member

    Please do I may join you if I pluck up the courage
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  6. mgs315

    mgs315 Active Member

    @Blue Hills and @maroon do it, I visited this lovely club just this recent (very chilly) weekend and they’re more than accommodating and friendly. Joined the club this week too so if you want a fellow newbie to meet up with feel free to PM :okay:
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  7. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills Guru

    May pop along, and this comes to you from a pub just down the road.
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  8. maroon

    maroon Well-Known Member

    Apologises for the late delay, thanks I may well do that
  9. crazyjoe101

    crazyjoe101 New Member

    I started cycling with a club run out of my LBS - Team Sidcup Cycles. I started on the very slowest ride on my near-BSO and eventually ended up riding with the fast group when I got my roadie, I found them friendly and helpful; if I moved up a group too early someone always pulled me round the last few miles which was very encouraging as a novice. When I am cycling regularly again I'll go back to doing the group rides.
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