Anyone want a pet seagull?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Salty seadog, 16 Jul 2017.

  1. Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    Anyone want a pet seagull? Herring Gull.

    One has clearly nested on a nearby roof, possibly my neighbour. Last week I had 15 hours of squalking from the adult from dawn to dusk. The next day loads and loads of high pitched loud crying from a chick. It was also (I later discovered the source of the knocking coming from the roof area). I thought at first the neighbour was up to something but soon realised it was too regular. I went into the garden to look at the situation and on the top of a chimney pot standing guard was adult seagull. Next to my skylight which is above the stairs was chick 1, chick 2 was on a flat roof about three doors away. I got dive bombed by protective adult. The knocking turns out to be chick 1 doing the "rain dance" to bring up worms. As it is at the top of the stairs it can be heard in every room.

    It is driving me farking nuts.......

    I've been at sea this week and hope that when I get back things will have changed but i fear it will be a little longer before they can fly away.

    The worst thing is that seagulls return to nest in the same place each year, this does not make me happy.
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  2. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    AT RNH Gibraltar we used to have a quadrangle with the Mast and the Duty Chief used to have to raise and lower the flag for "Colours"

    Standing at attention, and saluting smartly was not easy when being dive bomber by the Gull(s) that were resident in the buildings around the quadrangle
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  3. Bazzer

    Bazzer Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.

    You might have a seagull family who wish to transcend to a higher plane as in Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and may thus vacate the nest in due course.
    On the other hand and more likely, it could be case of searching for something like pidgeon deterents and having a chat with your neighbour..
  4. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    Are any of them called Steven?

    Seriously though, I feel your pain at being under seige. Don't think there is anything you can do now they're nesting, you'll just have to wait until they leave and then seagull-proof the roof to stop them coming back next year.
  5. OP
    Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    You mean like an air rifle....?:whistle:
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  6. Sharky

    Sharky Veteran

    Is it going cheap?
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  7. OP
    Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    Yeah, but much much louder.....:sad:
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  8. I was disappointed that this didn't lead into a Steven Seagal pun-run, but then I realised (and IMDB confirms) that this - and maybe Executive Decision** - are his only well known films.

    Me and my ex used to riff on Seagal titles, back in the 90s. The two I remember were
    • Steven Seagal is Out To Lunch
    • Steven Seagal starring in Straight To Video.
    I now return you to complaining about sea birds.

    and he dies 10 minutes into that
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  9. Rocky

    Rocky A Scotsman abroad

    I don't know about Henning Gull......but this guy makes me laugh

  10. midlife

    midlife Veteran

  11. OP
    Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    Saw him in Deal a few years ago. I like him.:okay:
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  12. MikeG

    MikeG Veteran

    Spend some of the £20,000 you'll save yourself by not shooting the gull on deterrence measures to prevent their return next year. In the mean time.........earplugs.

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  13. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    Get one of them "Hawks on a stick" ?

  14. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    Buy a bird from a bloke on the internet?

    Do I look that gull...ible
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