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Stuff like this makes me not want to ride - a minority of drivers are quite hostile enough, without this sort of article fanning the flames.

The comment from the Ontarian chap (about the hostility Britons have towards anyone daring to delay them on the road) was interesting, I thought.


According to a thread on the CTC forum, the Times are deleting any critical responses to the article from their website.


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This is what I submitted. It hasn't appeared on the Times site though.

Change the word "cyclist" in your article, Mr Parris, to read "gay” or "black" and you'll see the article for the nasty, violence-inciting rant it is. For a man supposed to be a serious journalist, you have just joined the gutter press. Do you really think it funny to incite murder, Mr Parris? There are idiots out there who take words such as those you've written to justify their violence towards others. You are a fool of the highest order. In case you just haven't got it into your nasty brain just how bad your hatred is, two friends of mine could have been killed by sort of actions you incite. One was seriously injured by such a wire strung across a cycle path and it left a nasty wound round his neck. Another was pushed off his bike by the passenger of an overtaking car. My friend ended up in a ditch with crushed vertebrae in his neck. He was lucky not to be made a quadriplegic: or worse. No, Mr Parris, your article is not funny: it’s pathetic.


I have complained to both the PCC and the Editor citing similar comments to those stated above. An incredibly stupid, insensitive, article.


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Seems to me most of the responses are critical

I never had the slightest desire to get to know Mr Parris before. I'd really love to meet him now.

Can't the CTC or BCF or someone get the police involved for incitement?


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And waffleycat, your response is first up.
this is an uphill struggle - but for what it's worth. I considered the PCC route, but it's not actually against the PCC code to incite violence. I'm going to remove this letter from the post tomorrow morning, and I'd hope that it wasn't quoted in the interim. If you write to the police then you should just do that and let them get on with it.

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Good letter, Simon.

I believe that if the police receive a complaint they are duty bound to investigate it, so even if no action is eventually taken Mr Parris's anal cheeks should twitch a little.

In my view he has committed a clear offence.
This issue is been discussed everywhere.

It looks like there are now a number of cyclists making forum complaints to the Police.

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