Are hills worse than headwinds?

Are hills worse than headwinds?

  • Yes

    Votes: 14 11.7%
  • No

    Votes: 82 68.3%
  • Man up and get on with it

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Pale Rider

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My ride today was hard work due to a headwind.

I had planned to go up the coast to coast path from Sunderland towards Annfield Plain in County Durham.

A headwind of, according to the BBC, up to 20mph meant I turned back after about 10 miles.

Of course, I bowled along on the way home, but my overall enjoyment was spoiled by the wind.

I reckon the unseen enemy of a headwind is worse than tackling hills.

What do you think?


Ride It Like You Stole It!
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:laugh: Man up. Ride fixed


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Hills are worse, you can have a headwind going up a hill! At least you are vaguely moving with a headwind going downhill! That said - I HATE both of them!:cursing:

Turbo Rider

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Wind has the added drama of being sometimes scary. Hills don't ram your front wheel and make you feel as though you're about to wobble into wherever it is you don't want to be. They don't make you feel as though your riding through treacle either aaaaand, having ridden over the wind, you can't ride down it. Tailwind though...well that's just...awesooooooooome!
I live on a hill its bloody freezing in winter when you first set off down it and coming back its bloody knackering after a long ride you always have to save a little for right at the end. Having said that some days are wind, hill, wind and more hill its all the same in the end.
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