Are there any singers whose voice you intensely dislike ?

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I'm sure she was a lovely person

She really wasn't, according to some.
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Anything autotuned, which is almost everything now. It sounds whiny and attenuated.

The guy known as Bastille has a pretty terrible voice, as does Chris Martin from Coldplay.


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Thing is, there a few poor (singing) voices that I actually like. Or at least, have not bothered me. Mark E Smith for instance. No one could ever accuse him of having a decent voice. Particularly not now.

Nina Simone was another who divided opinion. Was it a 'good' voice? Did you really care? She offered so SO much more than simply having a broad vocal range and technical ability.

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Billy Bragg.

No problems with the person himself, although I don't agree with everything he stands for, but just wish he wouldn't try to sing.

I like Billy Bragg's songs/singing. In 'Waiting for the great leap forward' I think one line is quite self deprecating 'In a perfect world we'd all sing in tune, but this is reality so give me some room'. There's no pretence much like his guitar playing - it's about banging the message out....


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Adele, Jess Glynne, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Mariah Carey, Michael Buble

*The latter two seem to be brought out soon after halloween and defrosted in time for christmas
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