Are Triathalon clubs the future for recruiting keen roadies?

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Wasn't sure how to couch the question. But here's my thinking:

Come across a couple of Tri-clubs out on the roads of Oxfordshire on their 'training runs', what struck me in an area where there are some strong cycle clubs, was firstly how large the groups were, secondly that they all seemed to have 'team kit', but thirdly (and most notably) that they seemed to contain a much higher proportion of women.

Is this the same elsewhere?
Is Tri more diverse and accomodating; because their members have different strengths and weaknesses in 3 different disciplines?
Are people more likely to get into 'serious cycling' through Tri than through traditional cycling clubs? If so, is it a threat or an opportunity?

I know they're nutters, but I have to say they seemed to be having so much I might consider joining just for the biking bit (it's the only bit I can do).


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my friend started running, and then someone suggested triathlon, and she went out and bought a fab bike and she's really getting into it.

i think there are two reasons people like it. what you say about strengths and weaknesses in different disciplines, but also the variety. not to mention the third reason... girls get a fab body from it... that's why there is a high amount of women. men just go stringy looking ;)


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There are definitely a lot more female triathletes than female roadies round here. The University club runs are often majority triathletes and the Edinburgh road club has a large contingent as well.


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Triathletes round here and in Birmingham are pretty unimaginative when it comes to riding. They certainly ride in groups and have a great team identify, but they can't get any variation in their riding/training. Definitely agree with the bit about there being a greater proportion of females.
The triathletes I've ridden with get more satisfaction from being pushed by roadies on an unfamiliar route.

There's only one tri club round here, but it's so tempting to join just to get some swimming training in before I get round to doing a tri.
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Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Will1985 said:
The triathletes I've ridden with get more satisfaction from being pushed by roadies on

I've thought the same. One local Tri club is almost on the same roads as we are for our training sessions. It seems logical to me for us to combine our activities and have one really good training session. On a personal note I'd have more 'slower' people to ride with or to encourage, the faster guys would get a bit more competition, it seems healthy somehow, but clubs don't seem to be interested in that kind of stuff. Our club nights are good healthy competition, but in a supportive way.

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A lot of triathletes have a weak discipline and a favourite discipline. Surprisingly, for a lot of women, cycling is the weak discipline and quite a few have nasty accidents through lack of experience. Things like looking down at their feet and steering off the road.

Triathlete women are definitely hot and horny looking, especially in their swim suits :laugh::tongue:


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Women triathletes tend not to stay long as dedicated road riders, oft end up dropping cycling to end up just doing running & swimming.
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