Are you strong enough for a living funeral?


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I don't want one when I'm dead, so I wouldn't waste time going to a living one


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Funerals are not for the person being buried they are for the loved ones left behind.

I know someone who is a total shoot, married to a lovely lady.

Living funeral, he would find few people attending, lots would attend his real one to support his wife.


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It might make a change from someone who has never met the deceased coming out with a load of platitudes and drivel, I've been to funerals where I hardly recognised the person being buried (despite being related in some cases)

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It seems ok to me,but i'm a ghoul who's fascinated by death,having been brought up a few steps away from a cemetery and being forced to see a dead body aged 11.:unsure:


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A friend of a friend who knew she was dying soon had a 'Good bye Earth' party a couple of weeks back.

Sadly the lady didn't quite survive to the pre arranged date.
But her family and friends enjoyed celebrating her life.

Pretty intense stuff.


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A lady who once worked with us was dying of lung cancer and invited close friends out for a meal which helped her deal with it and have 1 last party with her mates. A living funeral just feels wrong but each to their own.
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