are zonkeys…

zonkeys are the new baby elephants

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Go on, can you guess who I'm being?

Ah well, but that thing you claim is a zonkey looks like it's been done with Photoshop. It's not real. End of.
Zonkeys are hybrids as Arch indicated in another thread -

"Luckily, a zonkey will always be infertile."

So they will be infertile like mules and other equine hybrids.

Mules and donkeys are amazing animals (as I'm sure zebras and baby elephants are too), but

this is a cycling forum.

Do we really want to talk about hybrids?


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I rode a Boardman zonkey once. Quite well spec'd out but after 9 minutes it ploughed into a ditch.


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While we're on the subject of donkeys, I saw this photo used at a conference:


What most of us didn't know until someone who'd worked in Africa told us, was that apparently, this isn't a mistake. Apparently a load of blokes haul it up like that to make loading the cart easier - less far to lift stuff onto the back. Then when it's loaded they lower the donkey down again, and off it goes. Which is why the donkey actually looks rather relaxed (well, resigned maybe) - it happens to it a lot.


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Bonj knows best... of course in one fell swoop he's also eradicated Tigons and Ligers and other offspring of bizarre pairings in the animal world.

Thanks Bonj, what would we do without you? (have interesting and stimulating discussions perhaps??). ;)


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[QUOTE41013][quote name="]I rode a Boardman zonkey once. Quite well spec'd out but after 9 minutes it ploughed into a ditch.[/quote]

OT, but I was having a gander at those in Halfords a couple of weeks ago.

They have the ugliest frame tube profiles I have ever seen.[/QUOTE]

well the man himself is no oil painting ;)
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