Argh saddle height?!


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So I recently got a new bike (Triban 500 RC). And I've been thinking recently that I haven't properly set my saddle height. Couldn't put my finger on why but had a feeling it could be better.
So got home and as accurately as I could did both the 90% (to bottom bracket) and 109% method (To pedal). Both show my saddle to be about 4cm too low!?!? Eh?? That just doesn't seem right. I would surely notice that? If I do the "heel" method then it shows my saddle position to be give or take perfect. I'm thoroughly confused.

This is a photo of me at my bottom stroke (in line with seat stem) if someone can tell me how it looks I would most appreciate it. I've measured the angle drawn in Photoshop and it's bang on 30 degrees.



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Looks fine to me


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The thing to bear in mind with bike fit is people’s physicality, strength and flexibility vary a great deal so you have to be able to adjust to fit yourself whichever method you use.

A rough guide for saddle height is with the pedal downwards in line with the seat tube , keeping your foot flat you should be able to lift yourself upwards off the saddle a little in line with the seat tube. If you can’t the saddle is too high and you will be over stretching to the pedals.


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When you pedal are you a natural foot down pointer if so may prefer a slightly higher saddle height to someone who likes a flat level foot even though everything else could be the same. As long as you don’t rock on the saddle then just go with what you feel confident and comfortable with.


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Thanks all. It certainly feels about right. Was just shocked that when I measured myself for the two types of inseam measurements (90% to BB and 109% to pedal) they both said I was a full 4cm too low. If I went up 4cm I would be very uncomfortable.


Looks good to me.

I've been looking at the pro setup on the Tour and none of them come anywhere near a straight leg at the bottom of the stroke.


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I start with the heel test, and work from there. I can never get the thigh angle right due to the need to tinker with my position to keep a little weight off one of my shoulders.

Have a tinker and see. Take measurements and keep notes until you find what works for you. Nothing, but nothing, is more important than being comfortable for extended periods. All this biomechanical efficiency stuff is bollards if you're feeling scrunched up and suffering after 30 minutes. Much better to be 5% off of biomechanically optimum but utterly comfortable, than right on the money and in agony.

If it feels good, then it is.


Heel on pedal is a good start. Your photo looks about right. The other point is Knee position in relation to pedal spindle. I find I like to be slightly behind the spindle (crank horizontal). Others like to be knee over spindle or even in front. If you suffer knee issues behind spindle can help.


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Other people cannot tell you how to set up your bike. Your body is different to mine. I get my bike right by taking an allen key out with me and making small adjustments. But once I make an adjustment I try it for a few days. Its time consuming. But it works for me.

Take Allen keys out for the first 10 rides and keep stopping to micro adjust all the various settings. Then you will get it right and can leave it alone.
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