asda bike thieves


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Had a rear light stolen tonite at ASDA - the spiritual home of the bike thief.

Went in, got my shop, went back coz I left my Gillette 3 Mach Jeterators at the till, and in the 2 minutes in and out it was stolen.

Thought it was an organised crime gang monitoring the bike things, but they would have got it on my first trip. So it was the shifty looking gimboid parking at the same time as me tne second time.

I am livid, so Sainsbury's from now on my friends, where the bikes have names like 'Giant Regent's park' and 'The Wayfarer'.

Not Asda where they have polish tungsten bikes with names tippexed or scratched in like 'KnifeCrime' or 'Elmo'
I would have taken my bike in with me. Surely they couldn't complain, it would take up less room than a trolley!!


surely you can't leave anything not screwed down hard on the bike when you leave it anywhere?

least of all outside a supermarket?


I've always thought nobody'd be petty enough to nick a pump, saddle bag with nothing but tubes and tyre levers in, and cheap lights, but apparently they are as it happened to me a bit ago, so I remove everything now.
I bought a rear LED light when they first came out in the early nineties. It was screwed to the mudguard and that didn't stop some toe rag nicking it. I remove lights and computer from my bike every time I leave it anywhere, no matter how long for.
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