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Anyone have any great tips to keep one's commute pack smelling fresh? Or best ways to clean a bag? Time and a few soakings can leave it a little stale.

I'm a clean bloke and try to keep cycled in clothes and bag separate during the day, but sometimes I forget and they end up in there. No clothes hanging facility or space at work you see...


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Put your clothes in a supermarket carrier bag before putting in your bag.


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What sort of bag. I get what you are saying about sweaty cycle kit. Keep the damp stuff in a plastic bag if you have to. If you are stuck with this make sure you have spare dry base layers, then putting a soggy top on isn't quite as bad.

I use panniers


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Leave it on the washing line on a windy sunny day empty & open/inside out ? Sunshine can kill off pongy bacteria too.


^ this is what I do too.
& me, but we did have a rack at work for drying out damp cloths.
Only 2 months, but I've almost forgotten about commuting & work. Now kit goes straight into the washing machine and ready for the next day's ride.


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Put your clothes in a supermarket carrier bag before putting in your bag.
I use a drawstring pe kit bag in each of mine .


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Get one of these and offer it people who complain,
Put the whole bag in the microwave and turn it on. The intense heat kills all the bacteria. Hang on, maybe it's the freezer so the cold kills them? Try both.

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I have Carradice cotton-duck bags get a bit wangy ... and even one get a tad mouldy after storage in a damp garage. Liberally spraying it with Meths killed the mould and seemed to freshen-it up quite well. No electricity required ;-)
Of course it depends what the material is. Very mild bleach solution like Milton Baby fluid and a long soak can help. Warm water and Dettol is another option.
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