Bandanas at Lidl from today 22/11/07

Yes, I have an Aldi fake Buff which is great for under the helmet, single-thickness if cold, double-thickness if freezing.

Some of the advertising shots for the other stuff on Lidl looks definitely dodgy - e.g. the 'angora joint warmers' guy, in his pine chalet...
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I bought some snowbording stuff for my son and the quality is pretty good - A man was saying that you can pay in excess of £80 for a helmet and he was taking 3 :smile:

I bought 3 bandanas and only last week I bought two real buffs for £25 including postage :smile:

The sizing are a bit funny but if I cannot try it there I just buy some different sizes and return them if they don't fit properly.

I saw a guy with a trolley full of sking gear and I'd put money the stuff will be on ebay for a healthy profit :blush:



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i`d forgotten that their stuff was on sale today :blush: I`ll see if i have time tomorrow to check out the socks and buffs, could do with thermal stuff.
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