Banned driver drove away from court


You can't make this stuff up the guy is a total plank sadly a deadly one
Parked up on double yellow lines
went wrong way down a one-way street
Failed to stop
He drove across the three lanes. "It was busy at the time and he then drove over the raised central reservation and onto the other carriageway,"
Oh and he got a parking ticket. Good luck getting him to pay that one.

I like Skol

I don't think so, sonny!....
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We share the roads with people like this everyday! Certainly makes you think as you pedal your little bicycle along a busy urban road.....
He should have been banged up earlier.
Well he was, doubtless rightly banned, then imprisoned for defying the ban. The offence leading to being banned presumably not a prison sentence - until ban was blatantly flouted.

Surely he'd not be imprisoned on the off chance he might disobey the ban?


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Zero surprise to anybody who drives in Bradford, particularly in BD3 or BD9. I approached a junction in BD9 this morning on my motorbike, a car was waiting and indicating to turn right. There was plenty of space for me to go alongside him and turn left, no space for a car though. I was undertaken by a Golf Gti on the pavement which then turned left............all on the pavement. High wall + hedge obscuring all view around that turn too, it's every bleedin day, my nerves are shredded by the time I get to work.


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Knew one who arrived at court, no MOT, VED or insurance.

He received a further ban. Drove away from the court in the car. Police on all roads in tahe vicinity. He was stopped and briught back to the court less than half an hour after leaving. He still drives.
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