Bargain Cycling Kit.


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I know it hasn't got the same status or kudos (if that's what you're in to) as perhaps Castelli, Adidas or Nike kit, but I've just bought a pair of three quarters and two cycle jersey's for myself, a saddle pack (including puncture kit and tools) for my son, and a pack of kinesiology tapes for my daughter.........all for the grand total of £31.00 at Lidl.

The jersey's and three quarters look fairly good quality and fit very well, so pretty pleased with them. Saddle pack is also good, although the tools don't look like they'll last forever, but at £4.99 you really can't grumble as I haven't been able to find a decent saddlle pack on its own for less than a tenner.

As an added bonus, the cycle jersey is almost a total match for the green and black colour scheme of my bike.

They've also got work stands at £24.99, and loads of other gear.


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I going to go to lidl tommorow, to get the work stand and pump. So hopefully they will still have some left.


I'm not small, I'm quite stocky, but I'm not tall either (5' 7.5") I usually find ALDI and LIDL gear to be slightly too large, especially in arm and leg length. Most of the men's gear starts at Medium. Why don't they start at...erm Small?!?!?!


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I've spent quite a lot of time trying on the Aldi cycling gear and only ever bought some winter gloves but they turned out to be not very comfortable in the end. The rest of the stuff just didn't fit me very well - they had a wool jersey that was so long in the body that it would have made a great designer dress for a woman. I wonder if the Lidl stuff is any better?
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