Lidl's cycling gear


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Nowt i need in the lidl offering tbh .


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Possibly; my local Lidl (Dewsbury) had them left for a couple of weeks afterwards last time though.
Ours were sold out very quick, a member of staff told me 1 guy alone bought 15 of them.

We have a Lidl clearance shop in Lincoln open 2 days a week, only a very brave guy goes in there.


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I'm not sure the workstands will be in such high demand now. They are all over ebay and amazon for £27 - £30 delivered.


The other items are

Mens Softshell Jackets £11.99 M -XL green, red or black
Ladies Softshell Jackets £11.99 10-20 green, red or black
Mens shorts £6.99 M-XL
Mens 3/4 shorts "capri tights" £6.99 M-XL, sizing is usually excessively large / germanic!
Mens jersey £5.99 M-XL blue/black, green/black/white, black/red
Adults gloves £3.49 sizes 7-9 1/2
Helmet with rear light £9.99 54-60 or 59-65
Computer £4.99
Bluetooth heart rate belt £14.99
Kinesiology tape set £7.99
Sports glasses £2.99
LED bike set with rechargeable batteries and charger £9.99 black or white
Saddles £7.99 city, trekking, mountain bike
Folding bike lock £11.99
Floor pump £4.99
Saddle tool kit £4.99
see pages 28-31 12th to 18th March online leaflet accessible via
Sadly, no 'Small' on offer in mens


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I got one of the jerseys this morning. All the seams look pretty solid. 3 good pockets in the back. That sort of rubbery stuff that stops it riding up... Yeah, I paid EUR 9 which is a helluva bargain. It'll be too cold to wear it for at least another couple of months...
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