Bearings for Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels?

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The rear wheel bearing is beginning to feel a little less than perfectly smooth so will need replacing soon. From what I can see on the web this wheel uses ceramic cup & cone bearings and I've found pictures of old-style caged bearing races like you still find in headsets and BBs.

So what's the bobby? Anybody familiar with these?


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Looking at a tech doc, assuming I have the right one for the specific year, it appears a two part ceramic bearing plus perhaps seals. It looks visually like a standard cartridge bearing but obviously seperates for assembly. That may be normal for ceramics, it may be designed that way to enable fitting on your specific design wheels.
No experience I'm afraid, just a comment.


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They are the same as the Campagnolo ones (i think Fulcrum are owned by Campag?). They cost mega bucks - I needed some and got them from abroad - I got them from Lordgun. Delivery was pretty quick. Often they do not have stock so you need to keep an eye on website and order immediately when in stock again. Delivery was pretty good - 4-5 days. You just need to check you get the same number of balls as you currently have as there are several versions. . Also get some ceramic grease for when you fit them
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