1. S

    Fulcrum db6 rear wheel bearings

    Hi folks. I'm up for new bearings in my Fulcrum db6 rear wheel. They are only 1 year old and shot. Not the best. Could anyone advise me what bearings are used in the rear? Probably a serial number would be good as I can source them online... Thankyou!
  2. CMaguire

    Fulcrum Zero parts help needed

    Long shot here, but does anyone have a front Fulcrum zero or zero nite that is past its usable life? I am try to source some parts to put a wheel back into service. I am looking for the axle the end cap and the pre load adjuster cap.. Thanks
  3. D

    Fulcrum Racing 600DB Wheelset

    https://www.merlincycles.com/fulcrum-racing-600-db-wheelset-700c-120048.html I’ve ordered a pair of these for road use on my gravel bike, they have an 11speed shimano freehub, my bike has Tiagra on it, has anyone bought some Fulcrum wheels recently, and if so was there a spacer shim for the 10...
  4. K

    Fulcrum wheel fix

    Looking for advice - road bike wheel Fulcrum racing 7 lg rear wheel - hub flange has cracked unfortunately and wheel is not safe to ride. Front wheel in great shape with loads of miles left. Fulcrum S4 rear wheel for sale on e bay - looks in decent shape but needs new bearings. Is it possible to...
  5. Liamblink182

    Fulcrum Disk Wheels

    Hello, I’m after some advice, I bought some Fulcrum Racing 7 Disk wheels from eBay. The wheels didn’t come with any lockrings and I’ve now found out that fulcrum wheels use there own asf lockring to lock the disk rotor and cassette in place. Without the lockring the wheels are useless because I...
  6. S

    Fulcrum wheels

    Hi just wondering if any one can give me any advice. Ive just bought a new fulcrum 6 db wheelset. Ive got 4 little bags with wheel adapters included. Im converting the wheels to use qr adaptors could anyone give me an idea to which bag contains the adapters and what are the other bags for. ...
  7. Globalti

    Bearings for Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels?

    The rear wheel bearing is beginning to feel a little less than perfectly smooth so will need replacing soon. From what I can see on the web this wheel uses ceramic cup & cone bearings and I've found pictures of old-style caged bearing races like you still find in headsets and BBs. So what's the...
  8. Spartak

    Fulcrum Racing Zero Wheelset

    For Sale on behalf of my brother in law. Fulcrum racing zero c17 clincher wheelset, Shimano/SRAM fit, all documents, skewers, magnets etc, no wheelbags. Removed from a brand new bike after 5 mile test ride. £650+£15 postage.
  9. betty swollocks

    For sale: Fulcrum disc specific wheel set.

    For sale: a pair of Fulcrum CEX 4.5 wheels, 22 spokes on both, tubeless ready and disc brake specific, with centre lock rotor fixing and thru axle. Only a few hundred miles old. These are a pain to set up tubeless, which is why I replaced them. £100 ovno. Thank you.
  10. Kernow_T

    *SOLD* Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset (Campag 9/10sp) £65 inc post & fees

    Very light use (around 700miles tops) and rim wear almost non existent. A few light age, more than use, related marks. With Fulcrum QR skewers, tubes and hardly used Schwalbe Lugano tyres - see pics). Would benefit from a true up but absolutely not imperative and they spin very well - happy to...
  11. David_widnes

    Fulcrum racing quattro LG repair

    I have a damaged Fulcrum racing quattro LG , deep pothole has inflicted a small flat spot on the rim , despite truing it there is still a slight dip , does anyone know where I can either get a repair carried out or I can buy a new fulcrum rim???
  12. Custom24

    Fulcrum Racing Sport DB Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Procedure

    Hi Today I went to have a look at the bearings in the front hub Fulcrum Racing Sport DB on my Planet X RTD-80, and I can't figure out how to disassemble the hub to get to the bearings. Does anyone know of a technical document or video explaining this? On the Fulcrum Wheels website, there are...
  13. Kernow_T

    For Sale Fulcrum 5.5 wheelset Shimano/Sram 11sp (<150 miles use) £99 posted

    Less than 150 miles use so superb condition as you'd expect. Shimano/Sram 11sp freehub (8/9/10 with spacer). Came on a Cervelo R3 and an amalgamation of a Fulcrum 5 & 7 so a very decent bombproof training/sportive/winter Wheelset. No tyres or cassette £110>>£99 posted (exc fees)
  14. dhd.evans

    Fulcrum vs Mavic

    I have the choice between Fulcrum Racing 3s or Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST wheels. I know Fulcrum wheels, find them indestructible, have had two sets of Racing 7s and one set of Racing 44s. My inclination is get the Racing 3s. However, Mavic Ksyrium Elite USTs get good write-ups, are tubeless and...
  15. T

    Fulcrum Racing 55 LG Road Bike Wheels

    Selling a pair of Fulcrum Racing 55 wheels. They came stock on a Cube bike but I believe they are the OEM version of the Racing 5 LG. Solid pair of training wheels with a more modern wide rim profile. Lots of life left in the rims (rear is more worn than the front), bearings are smooth. Shimano...
  16. gbb

    Fulcrum freehub overhaul.

    During a general clean up and lube I had my Fulcrum 5 Evolution rear wheel out and felt some notchiness in the freehub bearings. For anyone interested...cost of a new freehub..50 to 60 quid. 2x bearings ?...I called in a favour but they dont cost that much. Tonight's job...replace em. Freehub...
  17. smokeysmoo

    Fulcrum 3 Wheelset with new Tyres & Tubes

    Advertised on a FB group I use, just thought they'd reach a larger audience on here. If you're interested let me know and I'll hook our up with seller who is in Whitefield near Manchester. Seller states: "100% true bearings 100%" "Fulcrum Racing 3 Shimano fit including never used Giant S-R...
  18. Kernow_T

    **SOLD** Nearly new: Fulcrum Racing Wheelset (Conti Grandsport Race Tyres) £77>>£73>>69.95 posted

    Fulcrum Racing Wheelset Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11 sp 700 x 25 Conti Grandsport Tyres 150miles dry use only. Purchased as a stop gap on my Propel. £77 inc tracked postage (fees at buyers cost/choice)
  19. Kernow_T

    **SOLD** Fulcrum Racing 5LG wheelset w/Pirelli tyres £107 posted

    Fulcrum Racing 5 LG with Pirelli P-Zero 25mm tyres in VGC (currently reduced to £39 EACH on Chain Reaction)...
  20. mcnute

    Bike Porn for Showoffs! FULCRUM Deep Section AERO Carbon Wheelset!

    HOLY COW! Poser Alarm! Fulcrum Racing Speed with Ceramic Bearings Upgrade Start the new season as the fastest looking man or woman in your local bunch!!!! 50mm Deep section Aero Wheelset fully carbon rim. Robust and reliable Italian engineering ensures lots of fun rides and fast...
  21. Slick

    Fulcrum Racing freehub service?

    It's been a tough winter so I thought I'd better service the freehub. I thought I was doing okay until I got down to the bearings and was surprised to find sealed units. I was expecting just to clean and regrease from where I am but now I'm not sure exactly how to get these sealed cartridges...
  22. Jamieyorky

    Fulcrum Racing LG55 wheelset

    As title, My Fulcrum wheelset are up for sale. These are as new as i upgraded to Ultegras when i bought my Cube Agree. Freehub fit a 11 speed cassette. Looking for £60.
  23. R

    Run Bora or Fulcrum Speed 40C in tubeless mode

    Hello to all, is there anyone who run these wheels in tubeless configuration ??
  24. MrGrumpy

    Fulcrum Racing 77 disc CX wheelset spares

    Ok folks help a brother out here :surrender:, looking to buy spoke/s for the front wheel. One just bust on me this morning. Anyone have a link to where I could buy such a thing ? Gonna email direct as well, to see if they even have a size. Not fussed about colour, black or silver and its a...
  25. Jamieyorky

    Fulcrum racing Lg55 wheelset

    Decided to upgrade my wheelset on my Agree Gtc so my old wheels are up for sale. Fulcrum Lg55 wheelset. 11 speed freehub Running smooth and true, these are as new to be honest. Probably done 700 miles tops Im looking for £100, cash on collection from York, North Yorkshire. I could possibly...
  26. Okeydokey

    Fulcrum S

    I'm not sure anyone can help with this but... when Fulcrum S 5's were born, do they bare any performance/characteristics/resemblance to Fulcrum 5's, maybe 5 LG's? I'm thinking it's a wheel set fitted to a proprietary bike brand, ie 'Specialized Venge' that puts a brand name on an otherwise...
  27. Jamieyorky

    Fulcrum Racing lg55 wheelset

    Selling due to buying the the Ultegra wheelset. Fulcrum Racing lg55 wheelset for sale, these came standed on my Cube Agree Gtc Sl. Probably less than 1500 miles from new, running smooth and true. Nice wheelset, would keep as spare but i dont think/hope i will need them. Will post at buyers...
  28. jifdave

    Fulcrum racing Quattro wheels with red decals (new) £130

    selling on behalf of my brother in law, a set of fulcrum racing Quattro wheels with red decals. Came new on a Merida reacto, they have not been ridden and are not needed. Looking for £130 plus postage but could deliver foc during work hours, south of London and east of Portsmouth. Wiggle...
  29. runner

    Question on wheels fulcrum 3 wheelset

    Not being very apt at working at my bike and tending to use the LBS....I have a question. My kinesis bike campag build needs a new wheelset (rims very thin) My LBS bike shop says fulcrum 3 would be a good choice and they are about £500. He also states it is better that he fits them as they need...
  30. Custom24

    Fulcrum 4-R5-004 bearing - where to get

    Hi I have Fulcrum Racing Sport DB wheels I need to replace one of the bearings - the non drive side in the rear According to http://www.fulcrumwheels.com/area/download/download.php?tab=doc&rnd=hx99j6Gae5&rnds=&rndc=1&rnts=1, the part number is 4-R5-004 But all Googling for that suggests it is...
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