Beginner - not cycled for nearly 10 years!


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Hi All,

Just joined the site to hopefully share my experiences and pick up some tips and knowledge from the community here. I haven't cycled in nearly 10 years I expect, but I've decided it's time to get off my bottom and lose some weight. I don't like running, so decided cycling was a good option and I could work up to start cycling to work once I got into it, which will be about a 20 mile round trip commute.

I just picked my new bike last night, a Carrera Crixus Cyclocross from Halfords. I wanted something relatively cheap to start with but fancied the wider tyre and robustness of a Cyclocross compared to a cheap road type bike. I'm hoping to have a play on the bike on the local common tonight (haven't got lights yet and don't want to go straight into using on the road) ready for a 2-3 mile first ride on Saturday in the light.

No doubt I'll have some stupid questions over the coming weeks and months!



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Welcome! Just take it easy at first and the most important thing is try to enjoy it.
Come the summer you will be well away. Good luck. ^_^


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there are no stupid questions .. I was in your positon 4 and bit years ago. i lost a shedload of weight got really fit and healthy . then it went a bit pear shaped in december .still onwards and upwards and welcome to CC

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Hi :welcome:


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:welcome: to CC. Looks a nice bike for the money. We've got CX bikes here and love them to pieces.
Good luck on your ride on Saturday. Remember to tell us all about it. There is a 'your ride today' thread and a beginners cycling thread here and you will be welcomed on either of them.


Cx bikes seem to be a really good option for those not quite sure about road bikes, and they make great commuters.
Take your time and build up your distance slowly. And enjoy!
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