Beginner to touring bikes - this one okay?


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Looking at the Ridgeback Voyage, £769 from Evans. Starting off with small distances (10m) and then progress onto longer between now and spring (not keen on hot, summer day riding).
I need a good quality and sturdy bike with the touring bars - mountain bike/hybrid I find uncomfortable.

Would the ridgeback voyage fit this bill?
I've currently got a cheapo Reebox hybrid from Halfords but it just feels too light and flimsy.


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I nearly bought one a few years ago. Having looked at everything then on the market it looked the best buy around. Eventually I saw the bike I now have secondhand and bought it several hundred pounds cheaper but that's the only reason I didn't get the Ridgeback.

You may be happy with aluminium (I'm not). If so the Edinburgh Cycles bike linked to above is very good value.

Now I've found it, the real equivalent Edinburgh Revolution offering is this one, which has a 525 steel frame, like the voyage. Again, a good value bike. This one has butterfly bars and both have disc brakes, which I'd consider good things to have now.

Edit: I've now sorted out my muddle with the links!


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I've got a ECT too, they are very good bikes, but they are a little heavy . If i had to get another good go anywhere do anything bike it would be a cx bike.But for the money ECT are well worth it. You might want too wait for one of their sales to start as they have been under £400. But if you are willing to spent the money
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