Best Endurance disc bike for £2000?


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Hi chaps, i currently ride a planet x ec130. I like the bike a lot, but its very much a racy type bike.

I fancy an endurance bike with discs for a winter bike. Not that its just for winter as i have an old winter bike i could use just for really horrible days but also just to have something different, i fancy a more upright position for longer days in the saddle, and discs..well i just want them for a change really, and another bike i suppose...

So whats the best bike currently for £2k (max budget if i can spend closer to 1500 i would prefer)

On my list are Spec Roubaix, Giant defy and cannondale synapse

The future shock on the roubaix looks interesting, wonder what its like in use?

any others i should be lucking at ? and is there much in it with the above or should i just go with what i like the look of.....



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Best in what regard?

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I ride a defy and love it so I vote Defy . Both giant and specialized offer lifetime frame warrenty which is something to consider ,Cannondale I believe is a 3 year warrenty . All bike at that price range will be good quality so it going to be a person choice . Test rides if you can


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Most comfortable i would say, weight and spec are a secondary consideration
In which case the Spa Elan is worth a look. Whatever else you might say about it, it does have reputation for being very comfortable. It is also within your budget. A good long test ride can certainly be had at Spa Cycles.


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The Defy in my avatar is an advanced pro 3 and Paul's Cycles still have one a L size in their clearance bikes for £1300.


Something slightly different - though there are a few of them around these parts. Should get it for less than that. I've no idea what is happening for 2019, or when the new one will be coming out.

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Spa Cycles Elan (Ti) fits your budget and purposes.


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Cheers guys, don't like the look of the elan.. looks like alloy (I know it's ti) I want a carbon frame (I know I didn't say this)

Yes looks is a big factor as well
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