Best pre-cycle foods?


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With great cycles comes great energy deficiency, what foods would you recommend to combat this?

I'm vegetarian myself so I'd imagine some suggestions may not be for me but post them anyway as hopefully it could help others.

I've gotten into the habit of making a smoothly for breakfast/before rides, consisting of:
- 1x Apple
- 1x Banana
- 1x kiwi
- 6-10x Strawberries
- 250ml fresh orange juice
- 1tsp Manuka honey
- 1tsp Matcha tea

While this tastes great and does give me energy I can't help feeling its not the most ideal option.

What do you use to keep hunger and lethargy locked up? :smile:


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Soreen Malt Loaf
Peanut butter OR Jam sandwiches
Flapjack .........


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Just eaten my brekkie. I am about to cycle to Brighton and back, so need to be fuelled.
I had a bowl of porridge (40g oats), 1 banana sliced up and added, a handful of raisens added, 15g runny honey added and a cuppa. I am taking 2 cereal bars, a banana and a gel on the ride and we will eat properly in Brighton. Other favourites for on the bike are buttered malt loaf, flapjack, fig rolls, Haribo.


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Bristol, UK
So unless I'm very much mistaken it sounds porridge is most defibitely the way forward! :smile:
Time to grab a bowl and head out to enjoy this absolutely stunning day!


Some mornings I just don't feel like eating porridge, or muesli.
Instead I blend some oats in to a smoothie - which makes it nice and creamy too.


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Low GI carbs: Porridge is pretty much the best one for pre-ride. Honey,sugar or maple syrup on top does no harm either.

Your smoothie sounds nice though
Alternative to porridge is just to mix the same oats with yoghurt. Let it soften for half an hour, or just make it the night before. Add a grated apple if you like, or a teaspoon of sugar or jam for taste. You can even make enough for several days, it keeps well in fridge.

It's basically bircher muesli, though that's traditionally made with cream, I think.

I personally enjoy this much more than cooked porridge, which has a glue-like quality to my taste.
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