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Hi, I am a newbie... looking for help with bike choice, I Will be using the bike to and from work and leisure/hobby... I thought I may be restricted to Mountain/Hybrid bikes as I am 6' 3'' and 18st (hope to get the weight down with the bike LOL), but a colleague says a good road bike (which is what I would like) will be plenty strong enough! So far I have come up with the following two choices (they are at the top end of my budget cant go over £650...) Please could you help me as both these are same price and i'm not sure if there is any difference or if there is anything better for less?? I would like to stick with Evans as the supplier...come recomended and local... Any help would be great!!




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They're much of a muchness. I'd try & test ride them to see which you prefer.


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+1 its down to preference,

see if you can find a local cycle shop that will let you have a test before you fork out the cash.

they may be the same price/same size but could have different reach to the bars which as i have found out can be a swine and a costly mistake if you get it wrong.

Do not forget Boardman ,cracking bikes for the money and a higher spec,if you do not mind risking the halfords curse(some employees are good some are meh at bike stuff )


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The Giant Defy 3 is also in your price range. I got one, it was between that and the Trek 1.2 for me, but the Defy just felt better, for me ! But as someone has said, try them, sit on them and see which one suits you the best ! All fairly similar spec wise.
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