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Quite a few threads recently on bike fit so I thought this might be useful to at least one or two of you.

I had an interesting discussion over on the TrainerRoad forum about bike fit which lead to talking about getting an analysis done.

Circumstances at the moment don’t allow for a professional fit, but I can afford a tenner for Bike Fast Fit’s app. (BFF Elite)

I had a great time setting this up, recording a clip and letting the software digest my fit. All from the comfort of my home. The app struggled to build an accurate wire frame of me on the bike in low light on Saturday night, but was wizardry on Sunday morning.

Simply put, you just set your bike up on the turbo, stick some bright bits of duct tape to specified points on your body, take a video and hey presto, the software does the rest. Make a decision on any changes you need to make, make them and run another video. Do it again if you need to.

Lots of fun at the very least and you can run sessions for family and friends. All for £10.00.
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