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i am asking a few of you cyclist if you like my product that i am wanting to make for an engineering project and that would be a drinks holder for the handle bars instead of the frame of the bike.
Design Brief

A product that is simple to apply to the bike and easy to use, and easy to get to.

It would be suitable for people that are going for long rides and don’t have to reach down to get down the drink whereas this would be easily reachable and usable without having a chance of losing it or dropping it.
interested to see if it will be any different to the many handlebar mounted bottle cages already available



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Reaching down and grabbing a bottle is really not a problem for most cyclists.
However, my partner does have a problem with it and has a handle bar bottle mount similar to the above that Roadrash has posted.


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Sadly, there are very few new ideas in cycling, as may be evidenced by the brake lights, indicators and automatic gear systems that come along every decade or so.
We must be about due for L-shaped cranks again.

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Actually I'd be more interested in a bike holder for a bike. Towing the kids bike back from school / grannies and taking bike 2 for repairs.

I've seen a couple of home made trailer contraptions.
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