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Hey guys,

Im looking to buy a good lock - I've heard there are some out there, or soon to be out, that are like D-locks but with extra features...I think an alarm klaxon thing and a service which sends your phone a message when its cut. Which do you guys think is the most helpful feature (possibly both but should I pay the premium?)? Also should I get a bright orange deterrent one or just a plain one so the thief doesn't know what hit 'em?

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Im not sure there would be much/any use in those features, assuming the bike thief is probably out of sight before youve read the text.

I use an Abus Granit (gold rated) D-Lock, black in colour, with a black cable on a black bike, for locking outside pub/shop usually with friends bikes with more similar lock setups that take some time to unlock with the keys :smile: For less secure places, like leaving my bike outside the station all day, i have sorted an old bike thats worth much less than my D-lock.


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Do you think it would deter thieves at all if they knew something like a 150dB alarm would go off if they cut it?

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Any lock is better than no lock as i found out when my bike was stolen.
A chap pulled up just after me on a nice trek.
He locked his bike i didnt. When i came out of the shop mine was gone.
His was still there.
I have a steel cable and a big padlock now.
There are a lot of good locks out there go for one thats practical to cart around and that siits your pocket.


As above - i think any lock is better than no lock. If the bike is locked up somewhere in public, i doubt the theives would have 5 minutes to cut through it without someone getting suspicious.


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Only prob with the alarm types is will you hear it ? If they can remove it and sling it over a hedge before anyone sees them it's a waste, if you can get there in the couple of minutes it will take them to break the lock swinging a basebal bat it's a great idea. If you intend to leave it in a station or a car park, as above just buy a bike for a tenner on E bay and cut out the worry.


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I think this topic might have been done before. Search is your friend.
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