Bike rack recommendations (I have no idea)

I have always gone for towbar fitting racks and have a towbar fitted to my car for that purpose alone.
If you do go for a roof rack remember the extra height. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw somebody with roof mounted bikes turn into a car park with a height barrier. Looked messy and probably expensive but I could not stop to see just how bad.


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Buy a van - why make life harder than it needs to be


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I had a car for the disabled with the lowered floor and ramp, but bike had to go at an angle to get them in, so still maximum two bikes and two people so not really a cure.

I could easy wheel in a wheele bin to take to skip site, but when I got there no ability to empty it, so did not help, and had it not had windows could not use skip sites, very tempting to just wheel a shopping trolley into the back, but that is theft, so a car derived van is not really the answer for a family.

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Atera Strada with 4th bike adapter,6M4PHS,ZGenkQvENtThTw on a towbar. Fantastic but well over £1100 with the towbar.

One thing that helps enormously with the towbar ones is a tension strap from the top of the tailgate. But need to be careful if tensioned over a plastic spoiler like this - run straps round the inside of the back door instead


Another for the Thule roof rack (using with the proride 598). Have actually got this for my 1 series - works wonders for avoiding the anxiety of scratching up the inside putting the bikes in and out.
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