Bike shop told me to use thread lock on pedals


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Problem is people don't understand thread locks there are so many out there different strengths etc the best ones i have i got them from work as the guys there swear by them - these are t-locks which consist of three types basically tlock1 (nothing will come apart be warned!) through to 2 and 3 - 3 gentle great capillary action and a gentle break info can be find @


+1 Broke my spanner trying to get a friend's pedals off :sad:
I've had a bit of spanner hit me in the face while trying to get one of mine off once. I'm fairly sure I was trying to get it to turn the right way.

I read something ages ago by Mr Paul about only doing them up finger tight, which depends on your fingers but I've not snapped a spanner since. And greased them occasionally.


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I use a bit of this on the threads when I need to remove/replace the pedals.
Does the trick.

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definetely just a little bit of grease. Don't use any kind of a thread-locker or you'll hate yourself later.
I have some 'White Lightning' white grease in my toolbox for just such occasions.. never had any problem with them loosening, nor have they ever been a problem to remove.


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I would just never ever go near that bike shop again.

It's bad advice, there's no need to even tighten pedals beyond finger tight, they tighten in use, that's why the L and R ones have opposite threads, so both sides tend to tighten in use. What's needed is grease to stop them being too tight to get off!

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I suggest you start talking to a lot of bike & bike component manufactures then because pre-applied thread-lock is found all over the place.
Yes it is. The reason I suggest, is to fend off spurious litigation from clowns who claim to have had accidents because something fell off. Like I said, I can think of no legitimate reason why threadlock should be used on any cycle component.
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