Bike shop waiting times


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My LBS is on seven days waiting time. Fortunately I know I wouldn't have to wait that long if I needed help......

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A couple of people at work have asked me to fettle a few bits / get a few parts via our work suppliers due LBS being to busy and quoting 3-4 weeks. Suppliers advise that UK stock of some items is getting low. I had to buy a pack of 10 chains because there are no singles at a price I was willing to pay - should keep me going for a while.

I've fitted a few cables, chains and changed a few tyres in return for cakes and brews.


My usual shop is still closed to sales and NHS only but if you know where to look you could still get a repair done within a week if you wanted to. I think some spare parts are still the biggest issue round here.


The same saying applies in the building trade ,
But I am happy helping out,
Very true. I would carry out a dilapidation survey on some projects that raised my suspicions.

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Been to my Lbs today to pick up some new disc pads . They quoted me a 10 day wait to look at my siezed caliper bolt last week so I diyed it . Walked into the shop it looked like it had been robbed nearly empty of display bikes ,just the expensive ones left . They had a delivery of 14 bikes on the 13th all gone ! . They sold 2 without taking them out the box within 2 hours of delivery . The staff say they have never seen anything like it they have been rushed off their feet


Same round here. Nearest LBS to me is quoting two weeks just to look at my bike, let alone do any work on it. My next best option would be Halfords(!), but even then they have a limited number of slots a day and you can only get one if you go down there first thing in the morning and join the queue (if you try and call them to reserve a spot, it'll just ring for five minutes then cut you off). However they haven't got the parts for anything non-standard (and even some fairly standard stuff too) and are seemingly unable to source them either - stock everywhere is just being depleted at a incredible rate.
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