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Hi All,
I'm newbie to this form and getting back to cycling after 20yrs to get fitter. Once situation gets better and offices open, I would like to bike once a week to work - 25miles together.

I am almost convinced that I would go for Boardman URB 8.9. However, I am confused as the frame size suitability given on website contradicts to advice I got from Halfords store.

I'm 167cms/5'6" - with inside leg of 75cms/30".

Boardman site says:
Small for height range 170 - 179 cm and inseam between 74 - 82 cm
Medium for height range 177 - 183 cm and inseam between 78 - 85 cm

Should I go with site and take 'Small' or go with 'Halfords' advice and take Medium.

I tried 2 Halford stores, none have Medium and Small in store to try on.

Can you please give your expert advice?

S Dadi.


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Accra, Ghana
If you can go and try one, but might be difficult right now as you've found out. Maybe see if they have another hybrid with similar geometry and try that. I'd go for the medium as I like a bigger frame. You may be different.
It has a back sloping top tube so should be okay in the Victor Silvester department (assuming you're male) with the M. Things like saddle, bars and stem can always be adjusted if you feel too stretched.
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You've confused me, you fall into small on both height and inseam, so go Small.
was the " 'Halfords' advice" someone you spoke to in the store? if so i'd take their advice on which wiper blades, but not on bike sizing.

Its better to have a slightly too small bike than too big


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Na I disagree. I would go for & do for that matter with a larger frame (Medium in your case) the number of people I see riding new bikes that are clearly too small but they don't know it!
Have a look at how your body geometry should be for a comfortable ride, IMO leg position is crucial for a comfortable ride, 25/30deg or whatever it is.
But please try & get the right size before you buy, if it's too small you're doomed, if it's too big you can live with it! ;)


Small. I found out the hard way & have to have my seat slammed all the way forward by getting a medium. 5’7”.


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Its better to have a slightly too small bike than too big
I think it's better to go slightly too small than too big.
At 6 foot I always seem to be in between... I'm generally at the top end of "L" or "ML" depending on make but the charts often say I *could* be the next size up. I've always erred down, it always feels so uncomfortable to be stretching for the bars.
You can do more to make a slightly smaller size fit, but a frame that's too big really limits the options.


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You fall into the small range according to the chart so get a small bike.

Visually, it's hard to tell a small apart from a medium (it's not like it's a kids bike size or anything). They have the same size wheels etc.

I'm 5'11 and my daughters hybrid is a small and I can ride it with ease with the saddle raised up a couple of inches.


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Thank you all!

Luckily, I found a medium frame Boardman HYB (I'm looking for URB) in another Halfords and felt a bit stretch to reach steering. The Halford's guy is still vouching for medium even after that!

I'm more inclined to 'Small'. I'll wait for couple of days for more advice and finalise over the weekend.

Thank you once again! Much appreciate your responses!!


As long as you have standover clearance , the difference is mainly in the length or reach from saddle to bars.
Depending on your body proportions you may be leggier with a short reach or a shortarsse with a long reach.
A secondary difference is the height of the front end ( steerer height)
There is no generic right/wrong answer.
Some people select different model/brand/size for a specific type of fit.


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Don’t buy a bike without trying. If the medium felt too big get the small one. A too big bike can lead to issues (in my case chronic tennis elbow and two operations!)
If I were 5’6 and male, I’d only ever consider be considering a small men’s bike (you’re even under the bottom threshold for the small in that one ), especially so as there are only 3 models covering up to 6’4!

for wsd models a bike for a 5’6 woman might be labelled Medium (but not necessarily if there’s an XS or even XXS in the range)
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