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Rochester, Kent
I have no doubt this subject has been covered on numerous occasions but after a quick scan I could not find anything.

What is the situation with taking my bike on a train, I have never done it before and need to do it on Friday night from Rochester, Kent to Victoria in London?

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Each train operating company has its own policy, you can usually find them on the train company website somewhere, or ask at the station. That will be Southeastern Trains, which normally don't need reservations, but at busy times prohibit bikes. I would guess that your journey will be fine and you can just turn up and take your bike with you, as the main restrictions are during the morning rush hour into London, and the evening rush hour out of London.


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South Eastern trains are very good with bikes and the train guards are usually very easy going. Have travelled to Rochester and back on the trains many times. You will have no problem as long as it's after rush hour. But seeing as you are travelling into town it won't be much of an issue. There are a couple of bike spaces either end of the train by the toilet. Usually the 2nd carriage from the front/rear. Look for the blue flashes above the doors.
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