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Perhaps this idea has already been posted here but if not....

Recently I have felt the need to get a little stronger but only have so much time to ride a bike. My route is mostly on bike paths or lanes on streets which limit my speed due to dogs, pedestrians, stoplights, broken pavement etc. So, the idea occurred to add in altitude gained. My phone has a free app loaded by my lovely daughter in law (Map my Fitness) which gives me distance, average and top speed, a map of my route, and alttitude gained.
So I have sought routes which add altitude with the end of climbing My Everest in feet climbed during June through August. So far in July its been a little over 13000 feet, with a low day being 450 and the most 1100. My little town, with a low point of about 5040 feet goes up to 6211 on the south side, and climbing north from the river about 5300. There is a lot of variation possible in the rate of the climb since I can take 20 miles to climb 1000 or about five.
It makes my rides a bit more interesting and affords comparisons between my 4 primary bikes, especially in terms of gear ratios. It also pinpoints my lack of aerobic capacity, which seems more of a limiter than leg strength. Winds are pretty mild here in the warm months but are strong in the winter. I have no way to translate wind speed into riding effort easily, but between winter wind and summer climbing goals I have a way to induce myself to put a little more effort into fitness. Being 70 I am very aware it is easier to stay fit than get fit.


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There is a 'club' which people can become members of -

However, they do the ride in one activity. I am built for the downhills only.
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