Black cricket dilemma

Keep as pets or set them free?

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I asked a friend before I went out shopping yesterday if he wanted me to get him anything while I was out. This friend keeps lizards,so he asked me if i'd get some live food for them from a pet shop...obviously. I was a bit apprehensive about this as being a vegetarian I didn't want to aid and abet the killing of living creatures. Anyway, I reluctantly bought some for him. On my way home I kept looking at these insects in their small see through box. I felt sorry for them thinking about their imminent fate,so when I got back I took the crickets into my flat and later that day when I saw this friend of mine,I told him i'd forgot to get the live food. They make that cricket sound you hear on those holidays to warmer climates. The sound is quite relaxing. I'm thinking about buying a small plastic fish tank and putting stuff in they like and need for survival. Then again I might just take the box outside then open it and just let them go free,though could they survive in our climate? :unsure:

Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome!

Here's a video for those who're wondering what they look(and sound)like.

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Don't feed them, the lizards, and they'll die.

In the wild they'd be food for many other animals. Keeping them you'll be doing the crickets no favour, nor if you release them. Are they native to the UK? If not chances are they've been bred to feed something higher up the food chain, releasing them may well be the worst you can do.

Quick check shows they're a non native species in the uk.
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Don't release them. That's how all those crocodiles living in the sewers in London got started
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Is your dog vegetarian?
If not, you are already aiding and abetting the killing of living creatures.
Or is it something that eats it's food alive that you find icky?


We feed the kids Bearded Dragon with crickets, it's the only time it moves.
Do you worry about a mozza sucking your blood? I'm thinking you squash it like every one else.

I have an Axolotl, we used to feed live worms, but he just eats blood worm now, its what they eat
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