Brilliant Bikes are....well BRILLIANT!

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Yesterday morning ordered online a dynamo light and a Brompton chain From Brilliant Bikes. No special delivery chosen. Was dispatched in the afternoon and arrived at lunchtime todayvia Royal Mail. Happy with that and always like a handwritten note in the pack.

BUT, here’s the cool bit, they included latex gloves for fitting the chain! Nice touch :-)

LCpl Boiled Egg

Three word soundbite
I agree wholeheartedly, they are fantastic. They've been my go-to shop for Brompton bits for years. I once ordered something at about 3pm on a Friday and it turned up before noon the next day, with no special delivery chosen.

I too love the "Thank You" and the smiley face you get on the paperwork!


I'm a big fan of Brilliant Bikes - I once ordered 3 rear frame clips online late one evening and they phoned me up at 9.00am the next day to double-check I meant to order 3 (I did) - little things like that really stick in the mind as I felt it shows they care ^_^
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