British National Hillclimb up Winnat's Pass - Sunday 31st October


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
This Sunday there's the British National Hillclimb championship:

It's taking place from 8am up Winnat's Pass in Derbyshire:


I'm there for son no. 2 who's off with the Junior Male group, plus some others in his team. The really fast men are off after 9.50am, with the fastest women from 10.25am.

Basically it's "ride as hard uphill as you can for 3-4 minutes, trying not to die".


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Basically it's "ride as hard uphill as you can for 13-14 minutes, trying not to die".

Corrected for factual accuracy. At least for me.


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Are they closing the road for it? (If not, it would be really iffy in traffic!)
It helps if one follows the link! :whistle:

This year, no doubt at great expense, the road has been closed for the Sunday morning and so 300 riders from around the country are going to be leaving the start house at 30 second intervals to race against the hill, them against the hill, as great hill climber Mary Wilkinson said to me on Saturday. It won’t only just be a battle against the hill but the weather as showers are expected which means a damp slippery road for the riders.


It will be a great event. I think it was the 1967 event on Winnats that our club run rode out to when I was a mere 17 Yr old. Don't think we got close to the road for all the crowds and had to watch from high up the hill.

A great spectacle - will always remember it.


That's a good proper hill for it! {EDIT} I see the wimps are only doing the climb over 1/3 of the climb though, albeit the steep bit.

Sometime its held on shorter ascents. I rode up Winnats once into a headwind, It wasn't pleasant, but the descent via Edale was much nicer:laugh:, I actually did over Mam Tor & down Edale twice having looped back round and then Burbage moor for good measure at the end. I'd just stopped off for a ride on my way up to see my folks in Whitby.


Good luck to Lane Jnr.
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I avoid going up Winnats. As a larger rider it is not one of my favourites. The ramp towards the end is partiularly unpleasant. One of the favourites for the climb did a recky up it the other day. His VAM on Strava was not far shy of 2500 on the steeper bits. :eek:


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Is the wind the right way for Winnats? That's been the real challenge the times I have done it.

It's going to be wet. With a headwind. The result is it'll be all that much harder.

Son no. 2 had a go in wind and a crosswind in August: he got blown over as his 5.2kg hillclimb bike has 50mm deep section wheels.
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