Brocolli and Salmon Quiche for Tea !!

Elmer Fudd

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WHAT !!?
Sounds gross but I'll give it a shot as real men do eat quiche !!
I'll let you know how it went in about an hour if my head isn't on the big white telephone trying to speak to Hewey !
Elmer Fudd said:
real men do eat quiche !!
no, they don't, you poof! ;)


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Mrs P like salmon and broc. quiche. Its not bad, but I find some tomato and chille relesh helps it along a bit.


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There's no such thing as a 'real man' anyway - that's just a symbol of gender binaries enforced upon us by culture, etc, etc.

Anyway, I love quiche. Quiche is great. But, then again, I recently got mistaken for a girl on here and I cry and all that stuff. Salmon and broccoli is one of the best forms of quiche. Have it with salad and boiled potatoes. Yum.


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I'm also having brocolli, only with cauliflower and pasta in a cheese sauce, if I remember to fetch milk on the way home.

I'm on a health kick, and trying very hard to get my 5 a day. So far I've had one glass of juice, half a carrot and half a stick of celery. Reckon that's actually only about 2 portions. So one of brocolli, one of cauli and if I can force down a banana as well, I'm done...

God knows what I'll find to tempt me tomorrow.


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Kirstie said:
Quiche is pure vom!!! Yeuch. Cheese and egg cooked together is just revolting ;)

Ah, kirstie. How can you be so wrong...

I like quiche, but I'd never bother making one just for myself...


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I made quiche on Sunday. At the time I was simply happy because it had a nice texture (firmer than the shop variety), so I got distracted and overlooked its potential to disrupt the performance of normative genders. (Might spend next weekend making a Judith Butler cookbook.) ;)


I'm having quiche for tea tonight ;). Tesco are doing smoked bacon, red pepper and mushroom ones for half price (£1), so one of those with a jacket spud and sweetcorn.

The best quiche I ever had was my ex-mil's tuna quiche.

Barq - did you make your own pastry? If you did I'm impressed.
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