Brought a teer to my eye


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For the last week or so, my daughter has had a loose tooth. She's 7 and still (just about) believes in the tooth fairy.

Today, the tooth finally gave in to her physical abuse and she proudly held it up and said "it's come out". Anyway, after a little while I asked her what she would do with the money she's going to get and offered a couple of suggestions:
  1. Some sweets for daddy..... NO
  2. Some sweets for you..... NO
That was the extent of my imagination, so I left her to think about it.

After a moment, she declared she would use it to sponsor me for Dreams Come True :wacko: No prompting on my part (didn't even think about it)!

Brings a lump to my throat just typing this :biggrin::smile:


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lol ... brilliant. Kids are totally unselfish. :biggrin:

What's the going rate for the tooth fairy these days?
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