BT home hub

have you tried turning it off and on again?


Given my own experiences with BT, taking it out in the back garden and either shooting the hub dead, or perhaps turning it into a planter, would seem to be the best options.

BT, if you're out there, we're still waiting for that replacement web phone you promised us two months ago after we spent 6 hours on the phone speaking to every single one of your employed managers..


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I have a BT home hub as well. It is my turd ..sorry third one. They are crap. The two previous ones both failed on the same point. Where th ewhite cable from the pc clips into the hub there is a small catch which is supposed to clip the cable in like on a phone socket. This catch is pathetic and breaks off really easy. This means the cable doesnt connect and your internet keeps crashing. I had two flaming rows with BT about this and after much aggro they sent new routers. The current router is behind my screen and the cable is taped on securely before the clip to avoid any slight movement of the cable breaking the clip again.

The online support is a joke. The telephone help.... is "well that's just maddeningly unhelpful...why are these things never clear?"

I suggest you check the clip on the cable connecter to your router.


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Don't have a bt hub myself, but a good trick in instances like this is to call their bluff by implying that you are going to use another company...they'll soon sort things out then.

When I was younger, (oh the joyous memory) I had a bank manager imploring me not to close my account (in th days when you dould deal with the branch manager directly). He'd just refused to loan me enough to pay rental deposit on a flat. So I said OK then, give me what I have in my account and I'll take it elsewhere. Despite his implorings, that's exactly what I did....sorry, gone off on a tangent there.

Home hubs, yeah, tell them you're leaving them....


Well, I've had a home hub for almost a year and thus far - THUS FAR - it's performed reasonably OK. Occasionally (perhaps three or four times in all), when trying to open a web page I get a message from the hub instead, saying something like 'internet not available', but a re-try usually fixes it: once I tried power-off and on again. I put this down to glitches in the broadband connection, not the hub.

What connections between hub and PC are people using? I use the ethernet lead to connect to the desktop PC, in preference to USB - it's faster, but the connectors do need to be handled carefully, admittedly. Anyone whose ethernet lead has broken could always go over to the USB connection as a backup - a lead should have been provided in the box with the hub. I also use the radio connection to the laptop and this works quite well, except when something else in the house is radiating interference (microwave oven?).

[edit] I never tried the phone connection btw.
ive done it all turned it off and on, reset, redone all the cables given it to the dog, had sex with it ....... when its all set up the phone dose not work? take out the filter and just put the phone in it works?. cange the filter ive 3 but its still the same? bt say the phone line is ok and just plug the phone into the filter it works?.


Yeah, we never got the phone portion of our hub to work either. Wound up plugging in a 'regular' phone. Better voice quality too.
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