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Bullhorns with fixies?

Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by Alan O, 13 Sep 2017.

  1. chriscross1966

    chriscross1966 Well-Known Member

    it's not the most practical chainring on the planet, but it was a lot of fun getting it to work... Now that I know what is involved to make it work really well I'm replacing it with a 60T that I know will just fit.... that's an 80 BTW.....
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  2. XC26

    XC26 Senior Member

    I'm all for bullhorns at the moment. Spent many years on drops in the 70s and 80s, moved to flats in the 90s and 00s (getting older) and now I'm obsessing over bulls (mispent youth). I like a bike to look good as well as ride good and bulls look good - as someone once said, they're 'bad ass'. I have 2 machines with bulls, one with brake levers near the stem and the other with bar end levers. I prefer the bar end type as I ride mostly holding the bar ends and appreciate the brake levers close by.

    Any weight obsessives with drops, who ride mostly on the hoods, should consider sawing off the drops to convert to bulls and save a few grams.
  3. Jenkins

    Jenkins Veteran

    What size is that chainring?:eek:
    EDIT: Just seen the reply above - bloody hell!!
  4. mangid

    mangid Über Member

    Have drops on mine,


    Ability to move hands around on long rides is definitely appreciated, and going down on the drops when pushing hard definitely helps.
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  5. ChrisEyles

    ChrisEyles Veteran

    Drops on my fixed gear - classic looks and for me they're the most comfortable option.

    I don't know about others, but I probably find I use the drops on my fixed gear *more* than on my other bikes, because it encourages lots of high effort sprints to make it up the many short sharp hills around me. Gutted I can't ride that bike (or my other road bikes) at the moment after a rib injury, since the saddle to bar drop is way too much (reduced to pootling around on my sit-up-and-beg SS) :sad:
  6. zigzag

    zigzag Veteran

    likewise, drops are great when sprinting out of saddle up the hills, when riding into headwind and just as a nice alternative position for cruising. i had bullhorns before and they're ok-ish, but not as versatile as drop bars.
  7. chriscross1966

    chriscross1966 Well-Known Member

    That's fairly "single minded" :-)
  8. Love my bullhorns on my Boardman and have done some big 100+ rides with them and felt no pain or discomfort. The bike originally came with drops and they were aweful for me, just do not like the position of them.
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