Can I mix and match a group set?


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Hi, I’m currently in need of a new derailleur and shifter. I was wondering whether I could mix a 9spd Shimano Deore derailleur with a 9spd shimano Altus shifter?
Edit:Apologies, wasn't meant to seem so curt!


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Up to 9 sp?

I thought 7-8 speed worked, but 9 was a different spacing?
That's true for chains/cassettes. The shifters and derailleurs share a common cable pull up to 9sp though.


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So I can use a 9sp shifter on an eight speed cassette? Indexed as well?
No. The indexing is speed specific (at the shifter).

An 8sp shifter pulls a set amount of cable to move a shift. A 9sp will move a different amount of cable.

However, the derailleur isn't indexed. All the way up to 9sp, the distance a derailleur moves per unit of cable movement is identical. At 10sp, Shimano changed the distance the derailleur moves per unit of cable Movement, so you cannot use a 10sp MTB derailleur with a 9sp indexed shifter (nor the other way round)


That's interesting, I didn't know 10 speed derailleurs moved a different distance for a given amount of cable pull. Is that true for sram as well as shimano? If I ever venture past 8 speed I'll have to remember that, I am an inveterate mix & matcher!
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