Cannondale Badboy Head Shock problem


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Hi all, hopefully, I can get some good advice here. I have an older Badboy (before the lefty came out) with a head shock. The valve for the shock is under the fork and protrudes down about 3/8".

The original tires/wheels are 700 X 28. I always noticed that the clearance from the front tire to the valve was very little but never was an issue. I recently needed to get new tires (1st time replacing them) and bought the Continental 5000 in 28's. My issue is that now the front tire touches the valve if inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure of 95. in fact in order not to have it touch I have to inflate the front tire to around 60-65. I'm not sure new tires these days have a higher profile or not? Not sure how to solve this without buying a smaller wheelset. Can the valve be modified?

TIA for any advice.


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Tyre manufacturer's standards for the same size do vary as you have found out. Maybe get in touch with Cannondale, relate your problem and ask which after after market tyres they recommend to avoid this.
What were the OE tyres?

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