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twentysix by twentyfive

Clinging on tightly
Over the Hill
They said it was an old style loo and just pull the chain after.....


Far East Sussex
That took me entirely too long to get, as I was just thinking blue ribbon = first place. Incidentally, in the States (where I’ve been mentally spending a lot of time lately), blue is the Democrat’s colour… the Dems being to the right of the Torys in many respects. Interesting as that would be to pursue, I’d better not go any further.


Formerly known as Woodenspoons
North Yorkshire
If ever you get to show Chompsky at a country fair and he wins first prize - which is entirely likely - he will win a red rosette. Blue is for second place. It’s alright though. I’m not miffed. You’re clearly not from round here 😄
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