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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice, my battery has packed up on my car.

RAC are quoting £156 to fit.

I can buy one from euro car parts for £53. Is it as straight forward as disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one?

Just for reference the car is a 2002 Citroen C5 2.2 HDI.


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Just make sure you disconnect the earth lead first when you remove the old one and reconnect it last when you fit the new one. And if you wear a watch or any sort of metal bracelet on your wrist take them off first.
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Just a thought...but was it RAC who diagnosed it themselves, or was it a contracted out company? Only ask because I've been duped before with a flat battery (left the lights on), when all it needed was jump. Probably worth a double check if you have leads and a friendly passer by or neighbour...


Be very, very careful jumping the DW12TD4 PSA motor. Lots of scope for frying all sorts on this early common rail motor.

If you do replace the battery ensure all your Windows are wound up before doing so, or they'll need resounding.

young Ed

as said, remove earth/negative lead first (assuming it isn't a fair few years old and positive earth) and them positive and then just heave old battery out (warning it's heavy) and stick new one in it's place, positive on first then negative/earth
personally i like to put something water repellent but not a fire hazard (not oil or grease etc) but something like vaseline on them when installing to keep them corrosion free and dry :smile: although by no means essential

and just in case it doesn't have a - and + marked on the leads and you forget which lead was on which battery terminal it is blue for negative/earth and red for positive, simples :smile:

easier than driving the car! you will be glad you didn't pay the RAC £100 to do such a simple job ;)
Cheers Ed


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Last time I had a flat battery, the RAC chap fitted it for me. He even walked to the motor factors round the corner with me and carried the battery back to the car (heavy things) before fitting


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Was pretty much flat yesterday, but managed to start it by bouncing on the clutch and it started without having to push, started fine after work, then again after another cold night this morning it wouldn't start, so I ended up taking the clio.
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