Carbon ribble frame problem


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Hi I recently purchased the Ribble frame R872 and although it was described as 100% its marked all over has had big chain drop which has marked the chain stay, seatpost looks shocking but not sure if the carbon is compromised. I bought it off Facebook marketplace and paid via PayPal products. I've asked seller and he said it was fine so I've opened a PayPal dispute. Any opinion would help tbh.

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If the issues weren’t described or clearly photographed then you need your money back. 100% to me means perfect, that frame is no way perfect.


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The chainstay marks look cosmetic but don't like the look of that seatpost damage - that looks very iffy indeed. I wouldn't ride that.
No way is that a 100% bike!
I'd get in touch with The Seatpostman ( and show him that photo and get his professional opinion on that seatpost


If seller is hold firm then PayPal is your only option.
I'd not fancy riding it even if it is ok the fact it was sold undamaged would be enough for me to get my money back.
Good Luck


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That chainstay mark is the classic mark of chainsuck, which in turn indicates worn small chainring. Let's see that ring.
Use the focus feature on your camera please.
I think the OP purchased just the frame set.
I’ve seen worse on the stays, but that seat tube is :ohmy:. Definitely take up a dispute there. As said above, it looks like the top tube has maybe taken a whack at some time as well.


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We can clearly see....nothing.
You've just managed to combine blur with poor focus, with working outside the lens' focal range.
You are asking people's advice, so show some respect and consideration please.
To be fair, it's the OP asking for advice and the OP's pictures are OK. Maybe not David Bailey standard but adequate at getting across the points in the OP. @Spiderweb's zoom in is a bit of speculation.
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