Cargo trailers

Do they press your button?
Love them, hate them, use them, want to try?
Have you ever carried outrageously big or heavy loads. Unusual loads?

I was trailer-less for many years then got a flat-bed (Carry-freedom Y-frame large). It made a huge difference to my car-free life.
I haul DIY loads, bags of cement, plaster planks of wood. I lash on a (glass) recycling bin for loading up with small items. I carry bicycles lashed on top of the bin and gardening tools inside the bin.
Most of my shops are pannier style but about once/month I use the trailer and fill it with tins and kitchen rolls.

My heaviest ever load was a bin full of topsoil. The trailer developed its own personality but I managed a stately 8mph downhill.


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Mostly I use mine for taking stuff to the dump and bringing stuff home from the allotment, sometimes do the shopping with it but mostly do that on foot with a big trolley. Used to do the recycling with it until doorstep collection.

Once I had a gig in the woods. Taxis don't go into the woods so I carried my bass combo and bass on the trailer. It was magic coming back home at 2 a.m. after a few beers.

I've had a few trailers, I've currently got an Avenir Mule and a sort of shopping trolley type trailer. Also thinking about a Carry Freedom.

Biggest load was 75kg of manure. On fixed.
I have toured with trailers for many years

Firstly with a second hand Burley stripped to the basics then a BoB Yak.

When we had problems with the YAK on trains I toured with a Radical Design cyclone, which packs to holdall making trains easy.

Since then I have subsidised these with a Carry Freedom as the Kettwiesel amongst others prefers the linkage.

However for the ultimate load carriage nothing beats the Christiania trike

Hugh Manatee

I have most of the stuff I need to make one. I'm still looking for a pair of BMX front wheels. I have a plan of being able to tow the rotavator down to the allotment and collect sacks of potatoes from the local farm. Time will tell if I have the necessary welding skills.


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Had a Raleigh one a few years ago to take my r/c truggy to the track as I don't drive a car managed to get everything in it for a day's racing


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Never had a trailer for a bike. Went straight for the Brox Quad. I've a nine foot trailer for that.
Used it for shopping, taking stuff to the dump. Including the old washer, then going to pick the new one up with it. They're not getting £15 out of me, for something I can carry.
Largest load to date would be a six foot fridge freezer, 3 miles to the dump/recycling centre.


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I'd be stuck without my trailer, having said that the fabric has succumbed to UV so I plan on making a plywood/UPVC cladding box for it as soon as I can walk without crutches (and earn some money again)
Might even try fitting some way of coupling it to the trike. :cycle:


I also take my cats to the vet like this, you get funny looks when you stop at traffic lights/crossings and there is a loud Meeoow and no-one can see the cat. :biggrin:
Probably best not to tow your pet to the vets for The Snip, poor Moggie or Rex could be traumatised for life with Fear of Trailers.
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