Cars with Stop/Start + driver using a mobile phone.

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by PeteXXX, 5 Apr 2019.

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  2. crossfire

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    I used to work as a bus driver, and we were told that the only "safe" way was to park at the road side, bus stop in preference, turn the engine off, and get off the vehicle and stand clear, then you could not be deemed to be "in charge". This was only in a case of emergency, or your vehicle has broken down. We were also told that before getting on the bus as a driver to turn the phone off! The fine was a couple of thousand pounds, so a good deterrent.
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  3. meta lon

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    Indeed, and needs to be for car drivers too, with a crusher threat
  4. Bonefish Blues

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    52 Festive Road
    That's a little draconian, shirley? A stiff fine to start with, and only crush them if they keep making calls.
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    My wife is a type 1 diabetic and according to the DVLA, must check her blood sugars before driving. If while she is driving her blood sugars drop the rules state that she must park, remove the keys and sit in the passenger seat so as not to be in charge of the car whilst being unfit to drive.
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  6. lane

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    Lots of grey areas - many use phone for sat nav or listening to music when driving so turning off is not going to happen. . I believe that is OK so lng as don't touch the phone.
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    It seems to be another example of the law not keeping up with technology.
    Although the rules about mobile phone use are pretty recent, they don't appear to take S/S engines into account.
    Technically, the only way to comply is to park up and turn the ignition off as although the S/S might stop when you park up, it can start again without warning.
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    With stop/start you only have to unclip your seat belt or open the door, and the engine to start again as a safety feature, so one would still in control of a vehicle.
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    Can't see how having ignition on/off can work, you don't put a key in the ignition today, you simply have them about your person, as to being able to start the car, well can do that anywhere in the world, don't have to be sitting in the car, OK should not start your car using the phone while on a public road, however you can physically do it.

    However unless you press the start button, the gear selector knob will not raise, so if you started car with phone you could not drive it away, so you can open door with phone check the fuel with phone, check location with phone, and start engine with phone, but you can't drive the car with phone, you need key fob for that.

    Also when you drive the car the on board computer logs the trip, so easy enough for the law enforcer to see if the car has been driven.

    I am not sure about the use of a phone in the car, as although hands free, the phone is not fixed, likely in my bag on back seat, but that makes no real difference as well as using the cars hands free, I can also use my watch.

    So if you have parked your car and are riding your bike home, if you can start car from your bike, can you be done for drunk in charge of a bike and a car at the same time? For interest car is a Jaguar XE.
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    Its a different offense being in control of a vehicle as opposed to driving under the influence of alcohol. A car must be parked up on the road side, switched off so the driver can take hold of their mobile. Stopping in a traffic flow whether cr has autostop or not is not parked up. The offense of using a mobile still applies, unless hands free connection
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