Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Kovu, 9 Jan 2008.

  1. Kovu

    Kovu Über Member

    So cars people? what would be your dream car?


    A bugatti Veyron. I would love one of those cars.
  2. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    Nah to poncy,

    An MG SV, or a Marcos, or a Lister.
  3. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    A Jenson Interceptor FF. They still look modern today.
  4. OP

    Kovu Über Member

    What's poncy about a bugatti?

    Come on, thats a work of art xD
  5. Will1985

    Will1985 Über Member

    South Norfolk
    A Mk2 Lotus Elise in electric blue with black wheels is my budget dream car, and then an Aston Martin DB9 for all out dream car.
    It helps that we have a dealership of both just 3 miles from home :wacko:
  6. Melvil

    Melvil Standard nerd

    I'd like to be in the backseat of a two-person formula one car (if one exists) hammering round an F1 circuit, say Monaco or Silverstone, just to see what it's like (I don't entertain for a moment that I'd be skillful enough to drive one at anywhere near its capabilities).
  7. An old Mercedes 330SL with gull wing doors, a car ahead of its time.
  8. Pete

    Pete Guest

    The one I've got. Provided it goes, is economical, comfortable and reliable.
    Sorry to be so predictable, but car-fetishismfancying isn't my 'thing'...
  9. Joe24

    Joe24 More serious cyclist than Bonj

    If you see a Bugatti for real, you will see its a womens car. Its smaller then you would think.
    I would have a TVR Tuscan Speed 6, in blue. Not seen many of them about which makes them cooler. But would love a volvo FH16 660 with big side pipes and a roar valve. :wacko:
  10. Zoom

    Zoom Über Member

    Tricky one this; if I had enough money to buy a dream car I'd probably spend it on a holiday and just keep the one I've got

    A car I've always wanted OTOH is a Mini Moke (in Prisoner livery)
  11. they do/did. Minardi had one a few years back and Mclaren might have had too.

    MGC for me.
  12. OP

    Kovu Über Member

    That's sorted then for me :biggrin:

    Granted you all have nice car choices. Will1985, the lotus is one sleek car.

    I think i'd go for a lambo any of them though :angry:
  13. Joe24

    Joe24 More serious cyclist than Bonj

    You have no taste Kovu. The bugatti is stupid because its small like a mini, and a Lambo is stupid because i had one pass me today and it was wide, sounded not as good as i would have thought. Cant remember if it was the Lambo or the Ferrari that i thought looked really plasticy at the back.
  14. OP

    Kovu Über Member

    You can not say liking a bugatti has no taste?! They are a work of a art.

    Lambos I like quite a bit, though would much rather have the buggatti.

    Ferrari not a big fan of.
  15. OP

    Kovu Über Member

    And just because it is small doesn't make it stupid
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