Cav puts his side!

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Seems like a good report, he speaks his mind but I think he does it to cause "discussion" and it seems to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reading that has has actually gone a little way to me being able to emphasise with him - trouble is I have read too many other things that keep the balance well negative

Totally admire his drive, talent and achievements - but to get to the top of anything there has to be an element of toughness -plenty that come over a gentlemen but are as hard as nails and ruthless to an extreme underneath
rich p

rich p

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raindog said:
Why does he keep doing these interviews with the guardian? Have they got a contract or something?
I think they're the only paper that reports cycling to any depth.


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Cav doesn't like Greipel :smile: ......... (Cycling Weekly this week). No I didn't buy it, but read it in Sainsburys.

I think Cav is directing his comments to the TdF and Tor Hushold for robbing him of the green jersey last year.
Hmmm. Pre-emptive defensive bullshit. He's a mouthy, arrogant twat.
End of.
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